St Martha School-based AERR/3YEP 2020-2021

Alberta Education requires all schools to maintain an education plan that reflects and aligns with the district’s 3 Year Plan. These plans are cyclical and fluid and are to be considered “living documents”.

  • The Annual Education Results Reports (AERR) is the evaluation for all the goals and outcomes identified in the school plan. It is in the AERR that schools report their assessment of progress as it relates to the school’s past performance and achievement of targets. The AERR appears first followed by the 3 Year Plan to reflect the cyclical planning process. There should be a strong connection between the AERR and the School Education Plan.
  • The School Education Plans are to reflect the adjustment of strategies and targets for each year.
  • Target setting means establishing outcomes that arise from the analysis of current measures and performance at the school and district level and are expressed qualitatively.
  • Outcomes are measurable statements of what you seek to achieve. In broad terms, they answer the question, “What will this look like when we get to where we want to be?”